Monday, March 20, 2006

The ROI Of Web Redesigns Made Simple

Interesting article from Forrester about justifying the expense of site redesigns in terms of ROI. The ROI Of Web Redesigns Wonder what we could cull from this to justify redesigning brand space sites? It make a strong argument for doing better user research upfront, which is something we could try and develop into a generic section for pitching.

Friday, March 17, 2006

New blog from Fram Fab

I highly rate Fram Fab in terms of their thought leadership in the digital marketing space. The usability and analysis documents they produce for clients are a league above the output of competitors. e.g. Usabaility Company

They have started a really good blog, FramFam Stream, which is a great source of industry opionion and debate.

For example, I am currently obsessed by Social Computing. This concept is largely driven by the web 2.0 hype sweeping the silcon valley developer and investor community. Forrester have just published a great 'Big Idea report on Social Computing which you should definately read. I have a copy on my desk.

Framfab have organised and international CHI workshop on the topic and gathered the 'social computing' thought leaders. It's in Montreal, Canada on April 22nd. I would love to go! Trust in brands will keep dwindling if brands do not evolve in repsonse to fundamental changes in the communication ecosytem. Social computing gives consumers far more power and brands have to adapt themselves to see this an opportunity rather than a threat.