Friday, June 29, 2007

Twitter 1930's style

Location-based microblogging in the 30s: this “robotic” messenger display aims at “TO AID persons who wish to make or cancel appointments or inform friends of their whereabout“:

Source: pasta and vinegar

Impressive new printer can print very, very fast indeed.

Link: Memjet Technology.

Click on "Montage Video" to see ink being applied to paper at high speeds.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Print your Photo, and leave a copy for our wall

Print your Photo, and leave a copy for our wall
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"While in Singapore, my new friend Bill Claxton took me and some bloggers from The Digital Movement to this wonderful ice cream shop. What’s really interesting is that they encouraged the guests to take pictures (often with their own cameras) print it out and post on the wall."

Monday, June 25, 2007

They don't write email spam like they used to

From: "Torey Goguen" <>


Hello my friend!

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here ( are bad.

Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..

My dog and I are still alive :)

Received by: ADG

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Deskside supercomputers from NVIDIA

"Under the NVIDIA® Tesla™ brand, NVIDIA will offer a family of GPU computing products that will place the power previously available only from supercomputers in the hands of every scientist and engineer. Today's workstations will be transformed into 'personal supercomputers.'

"With multiple deskside systems, a standard PC or workstation is transformed into a personal supercomputer, delivering up to 8 teraflops of computer power to the desktop."

According to Wikipedia, the SETI programme computes data at about 700 teraflops. So presumably, you could double our chances of discovering alien life with a bit of cash and a few of NVIDIAs new systems set up in your spare room.

Benches have never received this much loving attention.

Part of the Touching The City Project.

This is Project 0.1 - benchspace.

The exhibition is at Westbourne Grove Church until 22nd July.

There's also a walk on Saturday 30 June.

Certainly worth dropping in.

Source: ADG

Monday, June 18, 2007

The RCA Great Exhibition

The RCA Great Exhibition
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The RCA end of year show is one of the best for years, well worth a trip. It's open for the rest of this week until 9pm. This year the more practical stuff is housed in a enormous temporary structure sponsored by the Conran Foundation.

This much larger space really transforms the exhibition. It somehow has a more workshop feel. Each student has more space and its much easier to move around. For some reasons, it also seems like there is much more work. It's so good, that I going to return so I can spend longer on the more interesting stuff.

My pick was 'The Object of My affection' by Elanor Davies. There are a series of one off amorphus sculpture blobs made by a 3D printer using data from DNA and personality tests. It was a fascinating idea if you applied it to a family or generations.

Atom trap is a step towards a quantum computer

from New Scientist

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

TV Links

Watch almost any TV show online: TV Links

Podcast: Tim Brown, CEO of Ideo talks about design

I highly recommend listening to this inspiring podcast from IT Conversations.

Tim Brown makes two really great points. Firstly, it's the storytelling around an idea that makes sure it gets made. Secondly, the measure of how good an organsiation can innovate is the speed at which it can prototype.

I've been really struggling with finding a really quick method of making clickable prototypes. I always think there must be a way of using a pen, digital camera and software to do this faster. Paper prototyping is always held up as the fastest way, but I find it just doesn't quite feel like a screen based experience.

What's your favorite package for making an interactive prototype? I heard that windows vista was done in macromedia director.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

let’s talk washing up shall we

Passive-aggressive publicly posted notes blog.

Innovative lighting ideas (not strictly digital)

Although there is a site.


Lamps made from preserved sheep-stomachs.

Ruminant Bloom are beautiful, blossom-like lamps that are made from preserved sheep stomachs, each with a unique structure.

Found by: A D Ginsberg


Monday, June 11, 2007

H&M - Sims2 Add-On

Don't know why I thought this was such a strange cross-over. Would seem perfectly natural in Second Life. Well, I say natural...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Project playlist

A rather nifty playlist thingy from which you can stick on your blog, website, myspace, facebook, bebo etc. etc. etc. It seems to resource the music from whereever it can find it so it allows you to check the links work before you add a song. You can also choose whether it auto-plays or not!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mario Brothers in Lego

Hardly groundbreaking but use of green backdrop and recorder music was much appreciated.

Monday, June 04, 2007

What the...?

New brand launches

Oh my word.

I am stunned.



A talk on Photosynth, a Microsoft project that aims to build up 3d spacial associations between images on the web, such as flickr photos. Rather clever!

The talk is here at (This place is generally worth keeping an eye on for interesting talks.)

There's a demo of the tech at the photosynth project page.