Monday, June 18, 2007

The RCA Great Exhibition

The RCA Great Exhibition
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The RCA end of year show is one of the best for years, well worth a trip. It's open for the rest of this week until 9pm. This year the more practical stuff is housed in a enormous temporary structure sponsored by the Conran Foundation.

This much larger space really transforms the exhibition. It somehow has a more workshop feel. Each student has more space and its much easier to move around. For some reasons, it also seems like there is much more work. It's so good, that I going to return so I can spend longer on the more interesting stuff.

My pick was 'The Object of My affection' by Elanor Davies. There are a series of one off amorphus sculpture blobs made by a 3D printer using data from DNA and personality tests. It was a fascinating idea if you applied it to a family or generations.

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