Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Podcast: Tim Brown, CEO of Ideo talks about design

I highly recommend listening to this inspiring podcast from IT Conversations.

Tim Brown makes two really great points. Firstly, it's the storytelling around an idea that makes sure it gets made. Secondly, the measure of how good an organsiation can innovate is the speed at which it can prototype.

I've been really struggling with finding a really quick method of making clickable prototypes. I always think there must be a way of using a pen, digital camera and software to do this faster. Paper prototyping is always held up as the fastest way, but I find it just doesn't quite feel like a screen based experience.

What's your favorite package for making an interactive prototype? I heard that windows vista was done in macromedia director.

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Robster said...

My favourite program of all time, Fireworks, has a prototyping feature in its latest incarnation.
Looks like a bit of a learning curve involved though.

hobart65 said...

Just found a good article at 'boxes and arrows' on the subject, They vote for visio, for mean reaons...