Friday, January 27, 2006

Geeky podcasts of interest

Robert Trivers - What Do We Know? Apparently the most influential evolutionary theorist alive today, it's a funny and profound talk on the theories of deception. Great factoid that, when asked if they believe they are in the top half of their profession, 94% of academics answer 'yes'., a links site where the users decide what's interesting. Ninja geek factor. Save browsing time and lisenting to the site founder Kevin Rose read out and comment on the top links via a podcast e.g. episode 30 He's joined by a friennd whoose name I can never remeber. One day search technology will be able to count the frequency of the words 'dude' and 'freaking' in mp3 files. When this happens, this podcast may well beat Bill and Ted's excellent adventure. TWIT - This week in tech I got into digg via this highly rated and very professional produced weekly show. Again, it an american geek fest, but it's saving factor is one of the contributors John C Dvorak. His function is the same as those two old grumpy blokes in the muppet show (Statler and Waldorf?). Although he's down on almost eveything, he's a great foil for the other windbags on the show.

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