Monday, February 12, 2007

Yahoo Pipes - apparently revolutionary

A new feed aggregator and manipulator from Yahoo.

O'Reilly Rader calls it:

"a milestone in the history of the internet. It's a service that generalizes the idea of the mashup, providing a drag and drop editor that allows you to connect internet data sources, process them, and redirect the output."


"It takes effort to explain the significance of a new product when the immediate benefit to consumers may not be so obvious, and the awkwardly named “pipes” from Yahoo! is no exception."

This use of RSS as a data channel is what Adam Bosworth was talking about the MySQL User Conference in April. RSS provides an "an open, simple data model to easily server up information similar to the way a web server delivers content to the browser." Listen to his talk at IT Conversations.

So we're starting to get a confluence of a single, simple data model and simple interface to allow anyone to construct their own queries.

Better have a look then.

1 comment:

Daniel said...

Now I've played around with it, I can confirm that it is pretty cool.
The interface isn't 'just get going' but with a little persistence then you can quite quickly and easily build your own combinations of queries.

Looking foward to improving.