Thursday, March 29, 2007

VJ Touch Screen Sorting Stations for Ford, Geneva 2007

Large touchscreens using a custom interface being used to organise and edit content collected from kiosks around the show. The output then forms the backbone of the 'movie of the show'. This may be adapted on the fly by the VJs. Mike thinks the touchscreen is from Fujitsu and the app is Director. Note the touchscreen is only single input. Source: Mike Williams


hobart65 said...

Imagination is the company behind the ground breaking installation, who have fantastic history of ground breaking work for their long standing client Ford.

Andrew said...

Well, although it might look like it, the software isn't Director :) I didn't design the 'look' but I'm one of the guys who made the software. It was custom made using C#, .NET and XNA by RenderHeads.