Thursday, May 03, 2007

Making a case for Windows Media Player 11

There are many reasons to like iTunes. It’s a good piece of software. But here are the reasons why I'd consider not using iTunes...

1. It’s a total system hog and runs at a snails pace. Fine for the desktop, nasty for the laptop.

2. The search is 10 times faster in WMP11. The most important component in the entire application.

3. Breadcrumb on WMP11 is the one feature that I use all the time. Very useful. AFAIK iTunes only has the back and the forward buttons.

4. DRM [clippped]

5. I find WMP syncs the same number of MB in about 1/10th of the time (through the same cable and the same computer USB port). Not really an issue with a shuffle I will admit but pretty nasty with anything over 4GB.

6. No Windows Media Centre integration. WMP with the iPod just plugs in and works a charm.

If you want to synch your iPod with WMP, then could use this:

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