Friday, September 09, 2005

DTV: Internet TV on your Mac. (And on your PC. Soon.)

DTV is an app that acts like an internet TV viewer - you can browse available content channels, or download, manage and view any video content on the internet. You can also create your own channels out of existing video, and subscribe to and automatically download new content. Some of the cooler features are: • Supports 'seamless' BitTorrent & HTTP downloads (haven't checked this out yet) • Suports RSS, so you can subscribe to existing RSS video feeds • Currently supports all Quicktime-compatible media, will soon support AVIs, Flash, Real, and Windows media. Oh, and: • Totally free and open source Haven't explored fully, but maybe we could use this for our display screen... Check out the site

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Robert Laing said...

Had a go at this. Didn't have my mac long enough to download a whole episode.