Friday, September 16, 2005

Stolen from Boing Boing

Lots of nice links. Not digital at all. Well.
  • Snow Crystal Photographs [link]
  • A Collection of Ice Photography [link]
  • File Compression: New Tool for Life Detection? [link]
  • If Imagineers opened a furniture store [link]
  • Top Ten Digital Photography Tips [link]
  • The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (to fiction what IMDB is to movies) [link]
  • Military Laptop That's Dishwasher Safe [link]
  • How Trackback Works [link]
  • Chemistry Comes Alive! [link]
  • Dog Bites AIBO [link]
  • Michael Larsen, Game Show Legend [link]
  • Notes on Reading an Electronic Book [link]
  • The Periodic Table of Haiku [link]
  • Bar Code Art [link]
  • Rubik's Cube Art [link]
  • String Art [link]
  • Pencil Carving Gallery [link]
  • Nanoscale padlock [link]
  • Starting Fire With an Ice Lens [link]
  • Fly with Implanted Webserver [link]
  • Cool Bullet Pictures [link]
  • George Orwell's Works Online [link]

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